Focusing on Quality over Quantity. Here at Mokkoji we are offering Traditional Shabu Shabu but with a twist. We are influenced by what is in Season and we are also influenced by: Korean, Spanish and California Cuisine. Giving you Quality and a new twist to Shabu.

mokkoji inside

This place is B O M B. I feel like I could Mokkoji even if it were 90 degrees outside. Even on a hot day, I’d still enjoy the meal then die of heat later. Been here a few times before so I’ve tried a little more than half the broths so far and I think they’re all pretty good options! When I first tried the fire crab, I thought the broth was just ehh until I started putting more food in and that’s when more flavor poured in so by the end, it was really flavorful.

Here’s how to order if it’s your first time there :
1) choose broth. Each broth is an additional cost except if you get original. It ranges from ($1-$5).
2) choice of meat + size. I usually order the tender cut “Mokkoji style”
That’s pretty much it for ordering unless you want to get tapas or additional meat.
Then for sauce, you’re given sesame seeds that can be grounded up with goma sauce and I think ponzu or yuzu sauce for the other one.
If you like spicy, you can ask for some hot drops but be careful because it is pretty spicy. Once I got 5 drops I got so sweaty I couldn’t really enjoy my meal. So I recommend getting 1 or 2 then gradually adding if it’s not spicy enough. You can put it in your sauces and/or broth.

If you’re still hungry by the end of your meal, you can make porridge! Just tell the server what type of porridge you want and they can make you one with your broth for an additional price. You can choose squid ink, kimchee, or seaweed. I’ve only tried the squid ink because it was recommend by other customers, and I think it’s pretty good! I got it with spicy sukiyaki broth & the server suggested watering it down with original broth because sukiyaki + squid ink are both pretty salt on its own so doubling up wouldn’t be recommending without watering down.


YAAAAS Hands down the BEST shabu shabu place eveeeeeeer!

I could literally eat here every day, but my wallet told me I couldn’t.  Each meal comes with your choice of broth and protein.  I either go with the Spicy Miso or the Bone Broth.  I haven’t tried the different type of beef cuts on the menu because I’m so hooked on the Toro Beef.  When it touches your mouth, each taste buds wants to thank you for bringing heaven to them.  Toro Beef is basically beef belly.  It also comes with side of rice and veggie bowl.  You can always request for extra bok choy, napa cabbage and kale!

Dinner time is normally a long wait, but it is a hit or miss.  Parking can also be bad during peak hours since it’s inside a big shopping plaza.  It’s definitely worth the wait here.


I don’t even know why I am writing a review for a place that is ready so hyped.

But… I do wanted to add my experience and opinion.  On a late evening, me and one other person decided to check this place out.  We put ourselves on their waiting list through the Yelp app for a 9pm dinner on a Friday night.  Once we arrived we checked in with their hostess and probably wanted another 20 minutes before being seated.

They sat us at the bar which was kinda nice because we were in the corner away from all the noise.  It was a pretty busy night but our waitress made sure to take care of us.  I went with their Spicy Miso broth ($1) and their salmon shabu ($18.98).  It was quite tasty and the salmon tasted fresh and yummy.  The veggies that came along were complementary if you want more which is pretty awesome.  They do not have a brown rice option, only white.  Their dipping sauces are pretty good here.  I devoured the entire thing.  I was pretty happy with my meal.

The service was pretty quick and we both left satisfied.  Our waitress kept checking up on us to see if we were okay.  The inside is pretty large but there is always a wait.  I do recommend the yelp waitlist option if you plan on arriving on a busy day.


The servers are quick and I appreciate that the bokchoy and kale have unlimited refills.

Also highly recommend the Yuzu-nade. So refreshing

I usually get the spicy miso broth, and for me, this is the ONE thing at Mokkoji that I think is slightly lacking. It’s a little more on the bland side, but many will argue they prefer it this way, so not to interfere with the meat or other flavors.


I’m a huge hot pot fanatic and this is, hands-down, my all-time favorite hot pot place.

I live less than 5 minutes away from this location, so the Yelp check-in system (which is new) is amazing for when I want to stay home and wait for a table and not have to sit outside and wait.

The restaurant always smells like the ponzu sauce that you get (in a good way). The sesame sauce is my favorite because it’s so creamy and more savory than other sauces like it. You get free refills on the vegetables (I believe its only cabbage and bok choy), and the “share” platter for the meat is always the perfect amount for my boyfriend and I. Free rice refills also. For the broth, I highly recommend the spicy pork bone broth.

I’ve been to other Mokkoji locations (the one in the 626), and this one is the only one I’ve been to that has the spicy pork broth AND is a bit cheaper. I’m not sure why the locations vary a little bit with the menu, but this is THE best location in my opinion.

Also, if you still have room at the end of the meal I highly recommend the squid ink porridge that the server makes for you at your table using your broth. I almost never have room by the end anymore, but I love this option for next-day leftovers and it’s only an extra $3.

I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant.


This is my #1 favorite shabu place. I love the sauce and the quality of the meat. Just one regular (10 piece) plate of the Mokkoji flat iron is good enough for me if I don’t want to eat AYCE shabu. The customer service was on point. And I also love that you can reserve a spot through yelp and you can immediately check in when you get there.

If you have never tried shabu shabu before, I highly recommend coming here as your first time and first place because it will definitely not disappoint. I would also recommend getting the flat iron or toro with spicy pork broth. And if you really want to add some more spice, have your waiter/waitress add a drop of ghost pepper into your sauce.